Give it up for fat!

With so much media attention on fat, it concerns me a little how we seem to forget the importance of fat in our diets.  Fat has been made out to be the bad guy quite a bit lately. Because of that, I’ve been considering writing a post discussing the difference between good and bad fats as well as the importance of including fats in our diet.

In looking up some information to refresh my memory of all those physiology and nutrition classes I took once upon a time, I came across a great article that I decided to send you to instead.  With so much great information already included in one place, I don’t see a need to duplicate it.  The people on this site essentially did everything that I wanted to (and much more) and they did it much more concisely than I could have.

My favorite part is where they give guidelines for choosing healthy fats:

“With so many different sources of dietary fat—some good and some bad—the choices can get confusing. But the bottom line is simple: don’t go no-fat, go good fat.

If you are concerned about your weight or heart health, rather than avoiding fat in your diet, try replacing saturated fats and trans fats with good fats. This might mean replacing some of the meat you eat with beans and legumes, or using olive oil rather than butter.”

I would add, if you are concerned about your weight, pay more attention to how many calories you’re eating compared to how many calories you are expending than to whether or not you’re eating fat-free.

Anyway, I’ll stop typing so you can read what these smarter people say.  Its good stuff.

Remember, the choices you make determine the life you live.

Help reducing allergies?

With some early blooms this year I’ve been getting pounded with allergies more than most years.  It was great to come across this post talking about what the research says these days about food and allergies/asthma.

No matter what they say, I’m still heading to the farmer’s market to get some raw, local honey.  It costs almost the same, helps keep the bee-keepers in my area working, tastes oh-so-good, and actually did seem to help with my allergies last year.

Read up on what researchers have to say about honey, raw milk, salt and fruit helping out with allergies and asthma.  Then let us know what foods you’ve found helpful.  Do you have a favorite home remedy for those pesky allergies?

Remember, the choices you make determine the life you live