Dee’s Story Part 2

Read this if you missed part 1.

And now on to part 2:

Dee started making changes to his diet a little at a time.  One of the things he tried was eating a healthier breakfast.  He experimented with various combinations but always felt hungry soon after eating.  He just wasn’t getting the energy he needed to carry him through his daily walks.

With the help of his family, he researched and developed a number of cereal combinations until he hit upon one that kept him energized all morning and that he actually enjoyed eating.  He found that, with his body properly fueled, he felt better during exercise and even had enough left in the tank that he wasn’t dying of starvation after a long walk.  He kept eating the cereal while working on losing weight and often ate it more than once a day.

Within a year of that fateful doctor’s visit, Dee had dropped 80 pounds and no longer needed to take insulin.  His cholesterol level had been cut in half and normalized.  His blood pressure was finally at a healthy level and his eyesight began improving.  Feeling even slowly returned to his hands and feet.

As you can imagine, those who knew Dee during those years of disease saw a dramatic improvement.  Some of his friends were curious what he was doing that made such a difference.  Dee explained that he had finally started exercising daily and was watching what he ate more closely.  He also offered them the recipe to the cereal he ate each day.  Some of the friends realized how much effort would go into buying, grinding and mixing the cereal on their own so they offered to buy it from Dee if he would make it.

Dee knew that there were many other people who could avoid painful doctor’s visits like his if they just had something healthy, fast and delicious to eat each day.  He pursued the opportunity and soon began selling Dee’s Cereal in local stores.

Today, you can find Dee’s Cereal in many of the local stores that originally carried it as well as Associated Food Stores, Whole Foods Markets in Utah and Colorado, and other health food stores.  Of course, you can always find it at as well.

People all over the country have been able to live a better life thanks to eating a great breakfast.  We have heard stories of weight loss, of illnesses averted, and of athletes feeling more energized.  What started as an alarming diagnosis for one man and his family has led to helping hundreds of people live healthier lives.

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Remember, the choices you make determine the life you live

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