Dee’s Story Part 1

“You’ve got 6 months”

Those are the words Dee Jardine’s doctor was forced to use during Dee’s 1998 check-up.

At  the age of 66 Dee was about 80 lbs overweight (and had been for some time), he had high cholesterol, and was losing feeling in his hands and feet.  His vision was failing and routine activities like walking up the stairs were a challenge.  He had been taking multiple insulin shots each day for years and diabetes had ravaged his body to the point where his doctor literally feared he would be dead in just a few months.

Dee’s doctor was forced to slap him with a dose of reality, hoping Dee would understand that a change needed to happen immediately.

He got the hint.

In an effort to lose weight, he began walking.  He could barely make it to the end of the cul-de-sac without getting winded.  With the support of his family, he kept it up and soon could walk longer distances.  Walking eventually became a habit and he would walk a few miles each day.

As has been proven time and time again, if we are truly to make a healthy impact on our bodies we can’t rely on diet or exercise alone.  We have to make physical activity a daily priority AND we have to improve the caliber of foods we put into our bodies.

<cue dramatic music>

Come back in a few days to read part 2 of Dee’s story.

In the meantime, tell us what changes you have made in an effort to improve your health.  Visit us on Facebook, send us a tweet or post your comments by clicking the bubble to the right of the blog title.

Remember, the choices you make determine the life you live

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